What is ‘Xtreme’ and who is ‘Captain Xtreme’?


My name is Azhar, and I have been meaning to start a blog for quite a while now but had been putting it off, because I had no idea where to start. Then, recently I decided that I was just going to explain “Xtreme”, and start posting as events take place, and as I remember them. So here it goes:

I’d like to introduce you to “Xtreme“.

It all started in High School, when a buddy of mine came to school one day, with a bag that had the word “Xtreme” on it.

I started to tease him about doing things that were “Xtreme”. My friends and I started to refer to things that were cool or awesome as Xtreme, and it just caught on.


Xtreme is doing something in the most awesome way possible. It’s for fun, and a really fun way to make the most of a situation, especially when you’re with your friends.

Then came “Team Xtreme“.

Once again just for fun, we decided to call our group of friends “Team Xtreme“, and it just worked.

Later on I made friends with another awesome group of people, who call themselves “The Wolfpack” – from the movie The Hangover.

How I got the nickname “Captain Xtreme”

One warm summer night, my friends were hanging out at my house, relaxing and so on, when my brother and his friend decided to burn a wasp’s nest that was in the back yard, using a lighter and a tin of aerosol spray. I didn’t take much notice to what they were doing, but one by one, people were going outside to watch. I finally decided to go outside to see for myself. A couple of them had a try, using the lighter and spray to have a flamethrower effect, but they were a bit nervous about getting burnt. I stepped forward, took the lighter and spray, and thoroughly created the flamethrower effect and succeeded in burning out the wasp nest.

My friend with the Xtreme bag then said: “Wow, you’re like Captain Xtreme!

When I heard that, I thought: “That’s the most awesome nickname ever!”, and I made it stick.

That’s the very short version of Xtreme, with lots and lots of examples, incidents, stories and events to follow.

I will post on things that I do, events that I host and attend, as well as things I find interesting.

-Captain Xtreme


3 thoughts on “What is ‘Xtreme’ and who is ‘Captain Xtreme’?

  1. James May says:

    bitch whose this friend that started all this xtremeness! name him dammit!

  2. lol, uh thats the name of the blog – captain xtreme

  3. zak says:

    This is Xtreme!

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