Always say “yes”

I always say that life is short, and I really try to live life to the fullest.

That’s why I “always say yes

When asked to do something fun or weird, whether you’ve experienced it before or not, I see absolutely no reason why you should not say yes.

You’ve got nothing to lose, just potentially awesome activities to experience.

Whether it be simply accompanying someone some where or to actually participate in a new and unheard of activity, just say yes!

I find it really weird when so many people are presented with really interesting and fun events to participate in, and they decline, missing out on having an awesome time, and missing out on meeting such interesting people.

You could come to my house at 6am, wake me up and say: “Lets go do something awesome”, and I’d say “yes“!

Think about it. What stops you from saying yes?

Think of those who can not walk, or are sickly that would love to simply go outside and do awesome air kicks, but can not. Do it for them, say yes. Think of those who do not get the opportunity to say yes, do it for them, say yes.

What is more important than going out and exploring the world? Why do you choose not to say yes, and miss out on the world? Why not do everything you can, before you’re old and unable to?

There is no reason.

Get up, go outside, and say yes.

A few days ago a friend of mine, who is studying photograpy, said that she’d like to take a few photo’s of me in a studio, for an assignment she has. I thought “awesome”, and said yes.


You can view the other photos on Facebook by clicking here.

Also please like her page on Facebook: Zahraa Dollie Photography

I said yes and experinced something new, I had fun doing it, and I helped out a friend in the process.

Trying not to sound too conceited or anything but she tied for the highest marks in the class using the photos of me…hahahahahahaha…but obviously it’s mostly her talent… mostly 😉

So remember to say yes, for anything awesome you’re presented with, and just do it! If you have nothing awesome to say yes to, I will give you the opportunity to. [watch this space]

-Captain Xtreme